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Creative Beast takes an inventive, sideways glance at what it means to be creative, sometimes against the odds


Episode 3: Pyramids, Plumbers and Pot Heads


Jo and Heather talk to Special Creative Guest, the author John Higgs, about the KLF, Edwardian Punks and Milton Keynes. They also discuss Daisy Jordan's puppet Creative Challenge, and attempt to build themselves a robot butler.

Packed full with original sketches and songs - will all this be enough to feed the Creative Beast?

Pyramids, Plumbers and Pot Heads was written and performed by Joanna Neary and Heather Minor. With music and production by Heather Minor and mastering by Jon Griffin. Joanna and Heather would like to thank their creative guest, author John Higgs and additional cast members Alastair Kerr as the Robot Butler and Jon Griffin as American Ad Man. John Higgs' next book is 'The Future Starts Here - Adventures in the Twenty-First Century' and it's out on May 16th.

For more information on the author John Higgs visit: or find him on Twitter @johnhiggs