Creative Beast
A comedy-adventure podcast investigating creativity


From their base at Creative Beast HQ, Jo Neary and Heather Minor investigate what drives and sparks creativity


Creative Beast takes an inventive, sideways glance at what it means to be creative, sometimes against the odds. What is this mysterious, powerful driving force; how do we feed it and what happens when we try to stop? Should we? Can we? Where does the Creative Beast live? How big is it's dungeon? Will the cage hold? Is this a metaphor or a simile? Where are my pills?

Each episode incorporates comedy and music with original songs and sketches, inspired by interviews with artists and makers from all disciplines. Bought to you by Heather Minor and Jo Neary. Creative Beast is based in Brighton, UK.


Jo Neary

Jo Neary is a multi-award-winning comedian and housewife who specialises in her own highly original character comedy shows, which usually include interpretive dance.

Her characters have featured on Radiotopia’s Love And Radio's Podcast “A Girl Of Ivory”, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Radio 3’s The Verb, The Count Arthur Strong Radio Show and ‘The Art Of Now - Inbox’ for Radio 4.


Heather Minor

Heather Minor is a musician, writer, comedy performer and nerd obsessed with time, folklore, creativity, history, space and dogs.

She writes music, faffs about with old 80s keyboards and sings in the folk band Lutine.

She also wrote the music for Barbecue: The Musical and co-created the immersive comedy night Goat Island.